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Minneapolis & St. Paul Archdiocese Release List of Sexually Abusive Priests

After ten years of keeping it under wraps, the archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul released on Thursday December 5, a list of 30 priests accused of sexually abusing minors.

The laundry list contains names and information on priests who have either been accused or found guilty of sexual abuse. It was made public after a court order, and signals a new standard for the archdiocese to continue identifying priests who sexually abuse children.

Some of the priests on the list are dead, some still living. It covers over 60 years of abuse (from 1950-2012) across the twin cities and surrounding suburbs. Most of the named priests have been subjects of previous lawsuits.

There are some who allege that the list is incomplete – that there must be more than 30 offending priests. This is likely the case, as the archdiocese must release a second list to the court next month.

“It is about time that the church made available the names of these offending priests,” says Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Paul Edlund. “However, it seems to be no more than a political move on the part of the church, nothing more than a last ditch effort to save face. They have been protecting these offending priests for years. Releasing their names at this point in the games seems disingenuous. Just because they did the right thing now does not excuse the fact that they did the wrong thing for decades.”




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