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Firearms & Guns

Minnesota Lawyer for Firearm & Gun Charges

Federal Minnesota gun laws are incredibly complex. It can be difficult to comply with the gun laws, especially for those who are unaware of their extent. Ignorance of the law, however, will not get an offender off the hook. Charges can be leveled even if they didn’t intentionally break the law. If you are facing firearm charges, then contact a Minnesota lawyer who knows state law and is able to determine how to best to try your case.

Minnesota has numerous statutes punishing the possession of a firearm or other weapon. These can be simple possession or carrying of a firearm without a proper permit, or they can be in conjunction with other offenses such as possession or dealing of drugs, use in connection with an assault, or in a robbery, etc. Possession of a firearm in connection with another crime brings the potential for more serious punishments, such as a mandatory minimum time in prison, or, a more lengthy prison sentence.

Gun rights statutes in the State of Minnesota presents the individuals with the right to carry a gun or pistol in public places provided they have the “permit to carry” license. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and these exceptions are posed by public places with sign boards which suggest prohibition of weapons and guns in that area. In a number of counties, such as Hennepin County, churches have the right to ban weapons and firearms from entering their premises.

Conviction of a criminal charge in the State of Minnesota can lead to very serious consequences, including the loss of constitutional rights such as right to vote and right to carry a concealed weapon. The federal gun laws clearly state that any individual who is convicted for crimes which led to imprisonment of one year or more, has no right to own, accept, sale, ship or transport weapons and ammunitions. A federal lifetime ban on the possession of a firearm can also follow a conviction for a misdemeanor domestic assault. There are also state law bans on possession of a firearm following a conviction of misdemeanor domestic assault, as well as other crimes, like felonies.

Gun and firearms charges can include:

  • False Statement on Application for Gun Purchase
  • Illegal Sales
  • Negligent Storage of Firearm
  • Carrying Without a Permit
  • Unlawful Possession by Ineligible Person
  • Reckless Discharge of a Firearm within a Municipality
  • Enhancement of Other Crimes to a More Severe Punishment

If you want to avoid conviction or serious consequences for gun or firearm charges, then finding a experienced Minnesota lawyer is critical. With your future at stake, reach out to the knowledgeable Minneapolis criminal lawyer Paul Edlund today. Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Greater Twin Cities Metro and beyond, Mr. Edlund is a reputable criminal defense attorney with an exceptional rate of success. The earlier a lawyer is involved with your case, the better they will be able to defend you: Contact Paul Edlund today for a consultation!