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Top Criminal Defense Attorney Minneapolis

While Paul Edlund primarily serves Minnesota clients in their personal injury cases, he has a long history of representing clients in criminal cases. He has effectively defended citizens in criminal matters such as white collar crimes, drug offenses, assault, domestic assault, burglary, robbery, sex crimes, and more. Even in the face of what seems like overwhelming evidence, Mr. Edlund has proven that favorable outcomes are not out of reach for his clients.

State vs. Jenkins -
Client arrested for felony assault against a police officer and DWI. Case captured on squad car video. All charges dismissed. Media coverage included: All local TV stations interviews, Star Tribune, Fox News, CNN,Good Morning America, MPR (amongst others).

Mr. Edlund also successfully represented Mr. Jenkins in a civil lawsuit against the City of Minneapolis which resulted in a $235,000 settlement. Click here for article

State vs. Garcia -
Client was a criminal defense attorney charged with sexual assault against a potential client. Found not guilty of charges after a week-long.  Click here for article

State v. Abdilahi -
Charges of kidnapping were dismissed on the eve of the trial after an extensive investigation by the Defense proved that the alleged victim had fabricated the story reported to authorities. The client’s side of the story was vindicated through several newspaper and magazine articles. See Article

State v. Banks -
Client was found not guilty of Burglary after a week-long jury trial

State v. Mastropieri -
Second Degree Assault charges were dismissed and evidence suppressed due to the unlawful entry and search of the client’s home.

State v. Tatro -
Client was found not guilty of Harassment after the duration of a jury trial.

State v. Givens -
Evidence was suppressed and Possession of Short Barrel Shotgun charges were dismissed due to the illegal search of the client’s truck.

State v. Nget -
Felony Possession of Marijuana charges were dismissed after evidence was suppressed due to the illegal search of the client’s vehicle.

State v. Garcia -
Arson and Domestic Assault charges were dismissed before trial.

State vs. Wren -
Client charged with assaulting two women downtown after bar closing. Three eye witnesses and police officer testified that the client was the assailant. Found not guilty of all charges after a jury trial.

State v. Baez -
This case of Second Degree Felony possession of Cocaine was dismissed prior to trial due to a lack of evidence.

State v. Asuwe -
The case of Assault was dismissed on the day of trial for a lack of evidence.

State v. Chandonnet -
Evidence was suppressed and a case for Gross Misdemeanor DWI was dismissed because of the unlawful stop of the client’s car.

State v. Schroedl -
Evidence was suppressed and Robbery charges were dismissed due to the illegal arrest of the client in his home without a warrant.

State v. Solomon -
All Burglary charges were dismissed due to the unlawful stop, search and seizure and arrest of the client.